Friday, August 5, 2016

Love at first sight

Well after first seeing the house and about an acre of land I can admit I completely fell in love. It was seriously love at first sight! The grass was 3ft high, the carpet smelled awful (thanks to years of animals using it), the floors were caved in, we could clearly see the sills under the walls (and see how badly they need replacing), it was full of wasp nest and trash, but still I completely fell in love with the place!

This is what I saw and fell in love with that first day! I know I may be a little crazy but what can I say I loved it. On that first visit I was willing to go into the house but for whatever reason I wasn't willing to take pictures.

The entire 6 hours ride back to Houston was filled with talk of what we could do with the place. How we would fix the house. What kind of floor and walls we would put in. How I would finally have my clawfoot tub. What kind of animals we would raise. What kind of plants we would grow. We were totally and completely in love and wanted that property to be ours.

That fateful day was July 11, 2016 and by July 25, 2016 we had signed a lease agreement allowing us on to the property to start work while waiting for the deal to close and the title to be changed to our name. Closing is set to happen by August 12, 2016 and we will be land owners!

We are so excited and are eager to keep working!