Saturday, August 6, 2016

Let the Work Begin

July 25th- July 28th

It was with much excitement and enthusiasm we headed back up to Marietta to what would soon be our property to get to work. It took us a little while to actually get to the property because we needed to stop and pay for sheep on our way. We didn't take the sheep with us that day because we didn't have the space or really a way to transport them to the property. I think we got there that first day around 5:30 and we went right to work. I started setting up camp, we are currently camping at the property until the house can be lived in, and Olaf started chopping away at some of the vegetation. Before long we realized we needed a few more things and had to make a run to Home Depot. By the time we made it back to the property it was dark and time for bed.

Honestly the next few days are a blur. I know we removed all the carpet from the house, patched holes in the fence, removed some vegetation, picked up sheep, made two trips to the Mt. Pleasant dump, and who knows what else. When it was time to head back to Houston we were tired and hot but still so excited and so very enthusiastic about the project and all the work we have ahead of us
Front of House
Back of House
Right Side of House

Our Camp
Taking a Break from Work

Living Room

Front Bedroom

Exiting Front Bedroom to Living Room
Back Bedroom (Will be Master)
Let's get this carpet out!
Back of House with Vegetation Removed
Small Town Texas!
Willow and Loki arrive at the property
After a few days on the property
Almost time to head back but still excited!

It was a great first few days! The work is slow but steady and little by little we get things done. I failed to take pictures of the house once the carpet was out but oh well. The house immediately smelled a lot better without the carpet! Trying not to plan too much for our days because we had over estimated what we could get done in this Texas heat!